Amy Halberstadt, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology
North Carolina State University

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Research Interests & Goals:
Amy Halberstadt is Professor of Psychology at North Carolina State University. Dr. Halberstadt’s research focuses on family experience and expression of emotion, with particular interest in how parents’ and children’s beliefs about emotion impact parenting behavior and children’s socio-emotional outcomes within and across various ethnicities and cultures. Her questionnaires on expressiveness in the family are used internationally to address a wide variety of social developmental questions. Currently she is collaborating with Patricia Garrett-Peters on an NSF-funded study investigating links between parents’ socialization of children’s emotion, children’s emotion understanding, and children’s socio-emotional competence in home, laboratory, and school settings. Other current research focuses on particular emotions, such as gratitude, anger, pride, and jealousy; affective social competence in general; and the social construction of gender. Halberstadt is also an Editor for Social Development.