Carolyn Tucker Halpern, Ph.D.

Department of Maternal and Child Health
Gillings School of Global Public Health
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Research Interests & Goals:
Carolyn Tucker Halpern is Professor of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) in the Gillings School of Global Public Health. She is a developmental psychologist, and Deputy Director/co-investigator of the Wave IV National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) program project. Halpern’s research interests center on improving understanding of healthy sexual development and the implications of adolescent experiences for developmental and demographic processes into adulthood, particularly as these relate to biopsychosocial models of sexual and romantic relationships. She is the Principal Investigator of a five-year NICHD-based project using Add Health data to examine sexual trajectories from adolescence into adulthood, and the implications of those patterns for multiple aspects of young adult well-being. She is also a co-investigator on several NIH-funded projects evaluating interventions to reduce HIV risk in adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa. Halpern teaches courses in adolescent health, human sexuality, theory, and grant development.