Mary E. Haskett, Ph.D.

Director, Family Studies Research Team
Department of Psychology
North Carolina State University

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Research Interests & Goals:
Mary Haskett is a Professor of Psychology at North Carolina State University. Dr. Haskett is interested in the linkages between parenting and young children’s social adjustment. Specifically, she is interested in the adjustment of children who have experienced harsh, abusive parenting. Dr. Haskett’s work also focuses on examining factors that contribute to abusive parenting, with the goal of contributing to prevention and intervention efforts. Her research has been supported by grants from NIMH and NICHD. Dr. Haskett’s current research project involves a short-term longitudinal study of abused children as they transition from preschool into elementary school. The first aim is to examine pathways from abusive parenting to children’s social and academic adjustment. The second aim is to identify factors associated with stability and malleability of adaptation as children negotiate the transition from childcare to a formal schooling environment. Changes in the salience of protective and risk factors as the child progresses through that developmental task will be investigated. Constructs measured include parenting and the home learning environment, children’s representations of attachment figures, emotion regulation, and social information processing. Measures of child adjustment include parent and teacher reports as well as playground observations. Details are available at: