Sherick Hughes, Ph.D.

School of Education
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

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Research Interests & Goals:

The research of Sherick Hughes generally is focused upon four topics: critical race studies and black education; social context of schooling in urban and rural education; interdisciplinary foundations of education; and qualitative/mixed research methodology. He has published articles and reviews in peer-reviewed journals including Educational ResearcherEducational StudiesUrban EducationEducation and Urban SocietyInternational Journal of Inclusive Education, and Teachers College Record.

Hughes has also been sole author of seven book chapters and has co-authored four others. He has authored and co-authored three books including the 2007 AESA Critics’ Choice Award-Winning title Black Hands in the Biscuits Not in the Classrooms: Unveiling Hope in a Struggle for Brown’s Promise, published with Peter Lang Publishers; What We Still Don’t Know about Teaching Race: How to Talk About it in the Classroom, published with The Edwin Mellen Press. In addition, he was the lead author and editor of The Evolving Significance of Race: Living, Learning, and Teaching. Co-edited with scholar-activist Theodorea Berry and published with Peter Lang Publishers, this new book was also nominated for the 2012 AESA Critics’ Choice Book Award.

His work has been recognized by Phi Delta Kappa and the Harvard Family Involvement Network of Educators. He has been honored with a 2010-2011 CTE-Lilly Fellowship from the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Office of Undergraduate Studies and in 2012 was honored with a Border Crossers Award, from Border Crossers, a community organization in New York City that works to bring together diverse students to explore issues of inequality, discrimination and social justice.

Hughes previously taught at the University of Maryland-College Park and at the University of Toledo.


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